Inspector Charles Fox Sau. Photo credit: SIBC.

Inspector Charles Fox Sau. Photo credit: SIBC.

Teamwork is very important in any humanitarian mission, says Inspector Charles Fox Sau, Commanding Officer of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force team who went on a humanitarian mission to Vanuatu.

The team left for Port Villa last month via patrol boat Auki, shortly after tropical cyclone Pam battered Vanuatu upon the Vanuatu Government’s request.

Inspector Sau told SIBC News in an exclusive interview, teamwork is very important.

“As is common knowledge, teamwork is very important. With my crew, we have displayed a very excellent teamwork. With the help from our colleagues from Vanuatu who joined their police maritime. Going on duty we often have two crew members of the RVS Tukoro boarding with us, but when we did loading at the wharf it involves every Tukoro crew, so that is why teamwork is very important.”

He said without cooperation there would be no attainable results, adding he is thankful for his officers’ due diligence to their duties.

“Without cooperation nothing good will happen, but I really appreciate my crew members for working together as one to help our people in Vanuatu who has been affected by the cyclone Pam.”

SIBC News understands, Inspector Sau’s team returned to the country last Thursday.

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