Telekom S-League Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIFF.

Telekom S-League Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIFF.

In Sports, the Telekom Super League has been delayed for a week to ensure Club registrations are procedural.

Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Media officer Joseph Boso told SIBC Sports the S-League Board has delayed the league because it wants to ensure each team fulfils the registration processes required for both clubs and players.

Mr Boso says in the past, they have experienced dual registrations.

“Some of the players registered for two clubs and unfortunately because of that he had to move to another club that has registered him has an empty space in the list. And other related matters, also when it comes to financial obligation of clubs to the competition we want to make sure everything is cleared so when competition starts there is no need for anyone to be penalized anymore in relation to financial obligations.”

He adds they should have 10 clubs to participate in this year’s S-league, adding it will be more competitive.

“I think we’ll have ten clubs this season which means the season will be slightly longer there’ll be more matches played which is a good thing for our players too, because we need more matches in the season, competitive matches to be able to compete in the National league. So I think part of the concept of having more clubs in the competition is to ensure that our players have more competitive matches to play.”

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