Passengers disembarking at Gwaunaru'u airport when it was still operational. Photo credit:

Passengers disembarking at Gwaunaru’u airport when it was still operational. Photo credit:

The Gwaunaru’u airport in Malaita Province will temporarily open this Friday.

A government statement said this is to enable Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his delegation to attend the province’s 32nd Second Appointed Day Anniversary in Auki.

The deal to briefly open the airport was signed and witnessed by Gwaunaru’u landowning parties and senior Government officials at the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.

Landowning tribal groups who witnessed and took part in the signing are from the Filisisila-Birankwao, the Toloabu-Rofa tribe and the Rofa-Toloabu tribes.

All the parties have agreed to allow the uninterrupted use of the airport by the Government from 14-17 August.

SIBC News understands the Commissioner of Lands and the Director of Civil Aviation have signed on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government.

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