A map of Temotu Province. Photo credit: www.rurallink.com.sb

A map of Temotu Province. Photo credit: www.rurallink.com.sb

A man from Temotu province has called on the responsible disaster authorities to carry out careful assessments on the impacts of tropical cyclone Pam across the country.

A Philip Lepping told SIBC News, rushed assessments done in Temotu during the 2013 earthquake and tsunami have left some victims still struggling to recover.

He says it is an expensive exercise for the Government and its partners to assist disaster victims across the country and any
assessments done must be thorough.

“It is quite expensive for the Solomon Islands Government to meet this and so I would like the assessments made must be carefully done so that we shoot many birds only with just one bullet because other donors will be funding this operation. So I strongly advise the responsible authorities to try and conduct a very good assessment so that people who are badly affected be provided all necessitates to fully recover.”

According to an Ariel survey imagery from the National Emergency Operations Centre in Honiara, Anuta island in Temotu province, has been the hardest hit by tropical cyclone Pam.

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