The 17th Pacific Games Concludes with a Spectacular Closing Ceremony

The 17th Pacific Games Concludes with a Spectacular Closing Ceremony


By Lynton A. Filia

Solomon Islands bid a fond farewell to the 17th Pacific Games in an extravagant and exciting closing ceremony that captivated attendees and viewers in Honiara, the region, and worldwide.

The event, held at the National Stadium in Honiara, marked the end of two weeks filled with sportsmanship, friendship, and exceptional athletic achievements. The ceremony was a
celebration of the Solomon Islands’ diverse cultures, showcasing traditional and modern music, dance, and performances from young artist in Honiara and young people from
Dreamcast Theatre.

The atmosphere was electric as athletes, officials, and spectators gathered one last time to commemorate the successful culmination of the Games.

Amidst a sea of colours representing the various Pacific nations, the closing ceremony commenced with a procession of athletes, proudly marching together, symbolizing unity and solidarity.

Their faces radiated joy and pride, having competed fiercely while fostering friendships and mutual respect.

The crowd was treated to mesmerizing cultural displays, with dancers and musicians delivering spirited performances that paid homage to the rich heritage of the Solomon Islands and the wider Pacific community.

The vibrant rhythms and graceful movements echoed the spirit of togetherness that defined these Games.

High-ranking officials, including representatives from participating nations and the Pacific Games Council, took the stage to express their gratitude to the Solomon Islands for hosting
a memorable event. They commended the exceptional organization and hospitality, acknowledging the tireless efforts of volunteers, organizers, and the local community.

As the flame that symbolized the Games’ spirit was extinguished, there was a mix of emotions—joy for the successes achieved, reminiscence for the experiences shared, and
anticipation for future endeavours.

Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir David Vunagi praised the athletes for their dedication, resilience, and sportsmanship and acknowledge the donor partners for their in
making the event a memorable on. He said, “You have showcased the best of Pacific talent and spirit. Your performances have inspired generations and brought honour to your nations. We can now all testified the sport had brought our countries, society and people together. Athletes from 24 participating countries and territories, the is not about winning or losing, they have shown us that sport is about forging friendship.”

“As we conclude the 2023 Pacific Games, let us hold hands as we reflect again on 17th Pacific Games 2023: Challenge, Celebrate, Unite. I urge you to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship, the joy of teamwork and importance of discipline and perseverance.”

Vidhya Lakahan, the President of the Pacific Games Council commend the Solomon Islands Government stating, “The 17 th Pacific Games was no exceptions. The Government and the people of the Solomon Islands under the leadership Prime Minister Sogavere, by hosting these games not only united and strengthen the bond between the people of Solomon
Islands, but also between the people of the Pacific.”

“It is now time for us to say good bye as we prepare to leave the shores of Solomon Islands. We thank you and the people of Solomon Islands for your kindness, your generosity and for your hospitality.”

“We leave behind a changed Honiara, perhaps a more modern Honiara, we leave behind wonderful sporting facilities. We leave behind a large band of Solomon Islanders trained and
experienced in the art of delivering major sporting events.”

Following the official speeches, the closing ceremony ended with a musical performances, from reknown artists from the Solomon Islands with a historic run down of the country’s musical history from the 1970s – the 21st century. Some of the artists that performed at the closing ceremony includes, Bibao, Yang Soulja, Young Davie, and others. –ENDS//

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