Gizo town in the Western Province. Photo credit: DS-Lands.

Gizo town in the Western Province. Photo credit: DS-Lands.

A three day Community Governance workshop has been successfully held in Bimbolo, Gizo, Western Province.

Deputy Director of Peace and Reconciliation in the Western Province Wilson Liligeto told Radio Happy Lagoon, after a Symposium in 2008, chiefs in the Province recognised the need for empowerment to strengthen the leadership arm of the rural community.

Mr. Liligeto said, the workshop was an important tool to help chiefs and specific traditional leaders establish a good formal foundation to manage their people and resources through partnership with the government.

He explains, chiefs once played an important role of indirect rule in colonial systems.

He adds chiefs today often mediate between localised rural communities and the state, often in informal ways that not well represented in codified government bureaucracy.

SIBC News understands the Ministry of National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation recently earmarked Gizo Island to become the third model of Community Governance.

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