A map of Choiseul Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

A map of Choiseul Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

A school principal in Choiseul Province says community high school modes do not provide a disciplined environment for school-aged children.

Principal William Safalabatu of Piraka Mae community High School at Sirovanga told SIBC News this mode of formal education does not provide the expected discipline environment much needed by school-aged children.

SIBC’s Leni Dalavera reports from Sirovanga, Mr Safalabatu says a child only attends classes in community high schools and this has contributed to deteriorating of student discipline, compared to boarding schools.

“The system of education by which a child stays at home and only attends classes has contributed to the deterioration of student discipline because students, especially at the secondary school are not in a discipline environment compared to a boarding school under the watchful eyes of the school authority. Mr Safalabatu said from his experience with boarding schools, students spend 24 hours seven days a week in a strict discipline environment, where they face punishment if they fall outside of school requirements based mostly on discipline.”

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