Three new Meteorology Observers undergo intensive training


Three new Observers commenced a five months intensive and technical training with the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service (SIMS) in Honiara today.

The three consist of two males and a female. Welcoming them, SIMS Deputy Director Mr Lloyd Tahani told the new observers that they have been the lucky ones to be selected amongst so many applicants.

Standing in front are three new Observers that undergo training at SIMS. Photo Supplied.

“Consider yourselves fortunate and deserving the opportunity because the selection process is tough as it involved a written aptitude test, followed by an interview”.

Mr Tahani said SIMS is a technical division, and the training will also be intensive and very technical covering both theoretical and practical components. Despite that, Mr Tahani encouraged the three to work hard to obtain the required marks to be accepted as Meteorology Technicians.

“The training will be hard, but you will have instructors who are capable and who have conducted the course so many times in the past. Many of the officers working with SIMS now have gone through this same training. If you successfully complete the program you will contribute to the capacity of the Solomon Islands Meteorology Service, and serve this country through this essential service” he told the new officers.

This is the 16th session of the same training the SIMS has conducted over the past years. The syllabus is recognized by the World Meteorological Organization and will be conducted by local instructors.

The training course will run until the 9th December 2022.

-MECDM Press

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