Project stakeholders with the Chupu at the foreground. Photo credit: SIBC.

Project stakeholders with the Chupu at the foreground. Photo credit: SIBC.

A chupu ceremony was held this week for the people of Bahomea and Malango regions in Central Guadalcanal.

The Chupu ceremony was a new initiative taken by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development to acknowledge the people of the land before the start of any development.

Held by the Capital Constructions Limited, it will allow them to start work on the Tina- Betivatu school road rehabilitation in Central Guadalcanal, which will start next week.

Speaking to SIBC News, Director of Capital Constructions Limited, Rodney Rupoketes, who won the bid to rehabilitate the road says the project will complete sometimes in October.

He says the company is also happy with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development to grant them the bid to rehabilitate the road.

“We know that the people here have suffered for a long time. I just thank the government as well through M.I.D that they have provided the funding for this project, as you’ve seen happiness on their faces today and they we are looking forward to working together with them to complete this work.”

Meanwhile, the Tina-Betivatu School Road Rehabilitation is a project between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and the Capital Reconstruction Limited.

Community Education and Liaison officer of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Primo Chapa says the chupu ceremony is a new initiative taken by the Government.

“The Ministry wants to start this new initiative because as we go along we see that when we want to build roads or any form of infrastructure like bridges, wharves or airstrips, we are building them for people and because people are residing there. And when we build them we must try to ensure that people own them and look after them, after the government and the contractors completed the job.”

The 10-point-9 Kilometer road rehabilitation project totals up to four-point-nine million Solomon dollars.

SIBC News understands, the project is expected to complete within a six months period and will be constructed by Capital Construction Limited.

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