China to continue with CDF funding; ‘Not in Cash!’

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) will continue to support the country’s development projects, Rural
Development Funds

This was an assurance from the Solomon Islands Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare upon his return
from his official visit to PRC, today.

Prime Minister Sogavare said, with five Memorandum of Understanding signed with PRC, one of them was to continue supporting development aspirations of Solomon Islands.

“They will continue supporting that development Program. There’s a funding support for the rural development programs of the government to its people.”

He said that China has made it clear that there will be only development support through projects, not cash support for the CDF fund as previously happened.

“They are willing to build up to three projects to every constituencies.”

He clarified that it’s not a loan as people might think, but it’s a grant support contributed partly by China and the Solomon Islands government.

“Now with projects, they want to work directly with the provinces.

Mr Sogavare encourages provincial leaders to liaise with the government and get projects to their rural communities.

This week, people raises questions of weather the CDF fund will continue.

CDF fund was a formerly a contribution from the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Solomon Islands tax payers who met 90% of the total funding.

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