Two arrested for wounding incident in Central Province


Tulagi police have arrested two male suspects following an unlawful wounding incident at Gairavu Village on 14 October 2023.

The two suspects allegedly used a cocoa hook and struck the victim three times during a community fundraising event. 

The motive behind the assault is still under investigation.

Provincial Police Commander for Central Province Superintendent David Soakai said information received by police came when officers were conducting a night patrol and came across a teacher from Gairavu who alerted them about the unlawful incident.

“Tulagi police attended to the report and have arrested two suspects related to the incident and they are now in police custody for further investigation.”

“The victim was trying to save his brother from being assaulted by some boys during the fundraising when he was dragged to a dark corner and being assaulted. Suspects in this unlawful wounding incident are two biological brothers,” Superintendent Soakai said.

He appeals to the people of Gairavu village to come forward with relevant information to assist police with investigation.


Police media

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