Media Reporting on 2023 Pacific Games Delivery


The National Hosting Authority (NHA) Secretariat wishes to inform the public not to generate and spread misleading information about NHA operations and business.

If you have any story to tell, ensure it is verified and ensure you obtain a balanced view from those concerned. 

An example is the misleading and unverified information Island Sun published on the 19th October 2023 about Security pay. That is a non-issue.

All securities contracts are signed and are honoured. There were some delays due to late submission of bank details, otherwise there is no delay on payments to suppliers of Sol2023 Pacific Games.

NHA Executive Director Christian Nieng said the pacific games is happening in exactly one month’s time after NHA came through the last 59 months. We surely face issues but we deal with them appropriately.

NHA Executive Director Christian Nieng

Mr. Nieng further added that if anyone has any issues that we do not know about, let us know and we will deal with them appropriately and the media reporters must be fair in their reporting.

What we need now is to know that the preparatory teams are very busy trying to deliver the games for our nation.

NHA and the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) now need the media to talk about the preparations especially to get key information out to the public on games schedules, how to obtain tickets for the games, how to get to the games using public or private vehicles etc.

As has been emphasized time and time again, the NHA is committed to meeting its financial obligations.

Mr Nieng also called on the media to do justice to the Games by verifying information before putting it out for public consumption.

Let’s all work together to deliver a successful Pacific Game and to show the region and the world who we are as a people and nation.


 NHA Media

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