Two more suspects identified in schoolgirl’s murder


Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

In a case involving the death of a young girl last week at Avuavu in the Weathercoast area of South Guadalcanal, police have identified two additional suspects.

During his weekly media conference today, Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said the two suspects are under investigation, but police cannot reveal further details.

Police arrested a 40-year-old suspect in connection with the murder earlier this week.

He said there are various theories on the motive of the murder, and police are trying to determine the facts of how and why it occurred.

Officers are also working with the girl’s family and the community, Mr Varley said.

The girl was murdered on November 14 when she was returning from Bubutasi Primary School in Avuavu. Three men armed with bush knives allegedly approached her.

Her mutilated body was found three days later by the side of the road, and police described the scene as “horrific” and “brutal”.

“The fact that a young, poor, defenseless girl was murdered by two or three men, it’s alleged, with bush knife and rope around her neck to me is indescribable and it’s despicable,” Mr Varley said.

He condemned such acts of violence against young women and girls in the country.

“This has got to stop,” he said. “There is no reason for this, and there is no sense in murdering a young girl on her way home from school.”

By Lowen Sei

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