Two Para Archery Gold Medals not on official 2023 Pacific Games tally

Two Para Archery Gold Medals not on official 2023 Pacific Games tally


By Alfred E. Pagepitu

Solomon Islands’ Linda Rose and Moffat clinched two remarkable gold medals in Para archery on Wednesday, breaking new grounds for disability representation in the sport.

Despite their outstanding achievements, these gold medals will not contribute to the official medal tally.

The Tahiti archery team consists of two male Para athletes, Atonia Maitia and Raiarii Teuiau, competing in the men’s compound event.

While, Solomon Islands has three Para archery athletes – Bobby Sunaone competing in the men’s compound against the two Tahitians, along with Rose Lidia and Noela Olo competing in the women’s recurve. Lidia is also competing alone in the women’s compound.

The technical team of the Pacific Games 2023 World Archery Oceania clarified this that a minimum number of participating nations is required for medals to be counted, and unfortunately, only Tahiti and the host nation, Solomon Islands, took part in the Para archery events.

Sol2023 Archery technical delegate, Alison Hagaman explained to SIBC that Para Archery is still in its early stages in many countries, especially in the Pacific region.

She said the challenge lies in the sport’s newness, with several nations struggling to acquire necessary equipment for their teams to participate.

Alison Hagaman also highlighted the challenges faced by Pacific countries in the emerging sport of Para Archery.

“The lack of equipment, adaptive aids, and special facilities poses obstacles for many nations in supporting Para athletes.”

“Despite these challenges, Hagaman commended the efforts of participants from Solomon Islands and Tahiti, expressing hope that their progress would encourage more Para athletes to embrace archery in the future.

Archery events will continue at DC Park tomorrow, with free entry for spectators. –ENDS//

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