Gold Medal for Men’s Para Table Tennis after a thrilling clash with Tahiti

Gold Medal for Men’s Para Table Tennis after a thrilling clash with Tahiti


By Lynton A. Filia

The Solomon Islands Para Table Tennis Men’s Team has triumphed in an exhilarating showdown against Tahiti at the Multipurpose Hall, securing the coveted Gold medal in a tough contested match that took place today.

Comprising Shadrack Timothy, Rodney Satini, and Mylus Mamu, the line-up for the Para Men’s Team event showcased exceptional skill and determination, leading to an intensely competitive face-off where both teams displayed remarkable performances.

In a testament to their prowess, the Solomon Islands Para Table Tennis team claimed the Gold Medal, while Tahiti clinched the Silver Medal and Papua New Guinea secured the Bronze Medal.

Steven Daefoni, the Solomon Islands Para Tennis team’s coach, expressed his joy in an interview with SIBC, stating, “I’m thrilled for the boys for securing the gold medal. Their hard work and dedication have truly paid off.”

Rodney Satini, who made his debut appearance in the 17th Pacific Games competition, expressed his excitement and satisfaction with the team’s achievement. He acknowledged the tough challenge posed by their opponents and praised the collective teamwork that propelled them to victory.

Reflecting on his experience, Rodney explained, “Although I have participated in other regional competitions, this 17th Pacific Games marks my debut. I am immensely proud and thrilled to have competed on home soil with my teammates and secured the gold medal, representing people with disabilities and our nation, the Solomon Islands.”

The Para Tennis men’s team received individual Gold medals, yet for the 17th Pacific Games record, it will be considered as a single gold medal. Their participation isn’t categorized based on their disability status; they qualify for the competition as a unified team.

The team’s win shows their strong dedication and great skill, making it a big achievement for the Solomon Islands in the Para Table Tennis Men’s Team event. This success also solidifies their spot in the competitive Pacific Games. —ENDS//

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