UN Women logo. Photo credit: reliefweb.int

UN Women logo. Photo credit: reliefweb.int

UN Women will be assisting in the implementation of the new Family Protection Act with the National Government following a new agreement with the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs.

The assistance will come through a national resource group on gender equality and ending violence against women and girls, and support for front-line personnel responding to reports of domestic abuse or sexual violence.

The resource group will include representatives from the main disciplines that play a role in responding to and preventing violence against women, including health, police, social welfare, justice and education.

Front-line responders will get specialised training to help them be more effective.

These initiatives will be funded through a grant of US$600,000 from the UN Trust Fund.

Passed by parliament in late 2014, the Family Protection Bill is the first of its kind in Solomon Islands and is a legal framework that criminalizes domestic violence, while also acknowledging its dangerous effects on society as a whole.

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