Mangroves trees. Photo credit: www.leisurepro.com

Mangroves trees. Photo credit: www.leisurepro.com

A team from the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Forest has made a consultation visit to Ata’a sea coastal community in Malaita Province last week.

Coordinator of the SWocK Community Pilot Project Mr. Mike Tago told ‘Distaem Nao’ program, the visiting team has consulted their community on food security initiatives.

Tago said the consultation has based on the management of mangrove plantations and a survey to identify mangrove plots that might misused or destroyed.

Meanwhile he outlines the benefit of the proposed project.

“Once we have planted mangroves it will slow down soil erosion in the coastal area and the next benefit we are going into mangrove planting again is to encourage fish to breed. The third benefit is that the mangrove trees will act as buffers as well as shelter for our villages from strong winds and waves and finally, it is a source of food for us especially its fruits.”

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