Wale calls for constructive dialogue with Malaita province

Leader of the Opposition Mathew Wale |Photo supplied.

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has called on to the government to visit Malaita Provincial leaders to resolve their dispute.

This is following a recent debate over the removal of the Provincial Secretary Fredrick Fa’abasua after the province plans to have an independence referendum.

Leader Wale calls on Prime Minister Sogavare to lead his government delegation   including ministers who are Malaitan MPs to hold constructive dialogue with the Premier and government of Malaita province over all issues of contention.

He added, the situation between the national government and the Malaita provincial government seems to be getting worse. 

Me. Wale said both sides need to step back from engaging in actions that are likely to add fuel to an already inflamed situation. 

“There clearly is little trust left between the two levels of governments, and this is not good for our country. 

“Both sides have reasonable grounds on issues of concern and ought to enter into dialogue to seek mutual understanding and respect. It appears that there has not been any face to face meetings between the provincial government and the Prime Minister to discuss any of these issues. 

Mr. Wale added, the situation continue to deteriorate, and it requires leadership and humility on the part of the Prime Minister to seek common ground on the issues and chart a way forward that secures the unity of Solomon Islands and is respectful of provincial concerns.

He called on the Prime Minister to take the steps that will give confidence to Malaita provincial government that the national government is genuine in seeking constructive long term solutions to the issues of concern.

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