The National Development Fund (NDF) will only be used for development projects upon application.

         Office of the Prime Minister, Solomon Islands

The government made this clarification after the Leader of Opposition Wale claimed that the Prime Minister’s $200,000 NDF is not for development but for political expediency.

It says Opposition MPs may submit their proposals to the Prime Minister’s Office if they wish to, saying that Wale’s claim is not true.

It explains NDF was first established by the Republic of China (Taiwan) when they provided these funds for discretionary use by the Prime Minister.

The arrangement has now changed under the People’s Republic of China (PRC) after the switched diplomatic relations and will end in 2022. 

Under PRC, the NDF will only be used for development projects upon application.

“Wale’s false ignorance is shameful. It is NOT the PRC’s intention to interfere with national politics nor an egregious breach of Solomon Islands sovereignty as Mr. Wale erroneously claimed,” the government says.  

Last week, the government approved 7.8 million dollars for each MPs to receive $200,000 to support their constituencies.

This is intended to support constituencies’ COVID-19 economic recovery efforts.

The fund is held at the ESCROW Account jointly operated by the Solomon Islands Government and the PRC Embassy in Honiara.


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