Wale calls on the government to publish previous beneficiaries of NDF 


Leader of the Opposition Matthew Wale calls on the government to publish the list of beneficiaries under the National Development Fund (NDF) for the years 2019 and 2020.

                    Opposition Leader Mathew Wale

“I am calling on the Prime Minister to publish the list of beneficiaries and corresponding amounts received in 2019 AND 2020  if NDF is open to all.”

The Opposition Leader says it is disappointing that the People’s Republic of China continues with such practice and funding. 

“The fact that these funds are only for MPs who support the PM clearly shows that these are political patronage funds.” 

“The Minute signed by the Prime Minister dated 25th August 2021 is clear. 

The NDF is only for 39 MPs. The list of those 39 MPs contains only MPs in government. 

This is political funding. And it is SHAMEFUL!

There is no way to hide it under anything else. Why this attempt to cover it up and make it sound better than it is? Why this blatant unashamed attempt to deceive the Solomon Islands public about the true nature of the shameful so-called National Development Funds? 

Why mock the ordinary people of the Solomon Islands who are struggling in a hand-to-mouth situation? It is disrespectful of the people of the Solomon Islands,” Wale says.

The Opposition Leader adds the shameful so-called NDF undermines Solomon Islands sovereignty, and the fact that the Prime Minister does not see it as such is even worse!


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