Water sources deemed safe as Tinakula volcano returns to normal

NASA astronaut image of the Tinakula volcano

After erupting in October, the Tinakula volcano in Temotu Province has returned to its normal state — and so has water quality in the area.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office Loti Yates said all water sources thought to be contaminated by volcanic ash are now safe for human consumption.

“After the health teams completed the tests and they confirmed that the pH level and everything of the water was at the normal levels for people to consume, we advised, based on those tests, that the water is safe to drink now,” he said.

A team deployed to monitor the Tinakula volcano came back from Temotu Province after the volcano’s activity normalised.

Its most recent eruption lasted for about five days.

In response, the disaster management office secured clean drinking water for communities in which water sources were affected by the volcanic ashfall.

The office distributed a supply of bottled water estimated to last one week. Mr Yates said because the water in the area has been confirmed safe, no additional bottled water supply is needed.

By Fredrick Kusu

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