Police destroy dangerous projectile near White River market


An EOD officer inspecting the projectile.

The Police Explosive ordnance disposal,EOD, team this morning destroyed a US 5 inch MK35 High explosive projectile near the White River Market, West Honiara.

The projectile was disinterred by workers of a construction company last Friday while removing soil in the area, just less than a 100 meters from the main River Market and contacted police.

The EOD team disclosed, the projectile was a remnant from the second world war, and was believed to be fired from a warship.

The construction site where the projectile was found.

Police say around 10 workers residing in the area where the projectile was found were evacuated before the ordnance’s disposal.

Communities around the white river market were also evacuated for an hour, while the EOD team destroyed the bomb.

Police say the remains of the projectile will be transported to the EOD’s headquarter at Alligator Creek in North Guadalcanal for it’s final destruction.

The EOD team strongly warn members of the public to contact police if they found any bomb, and must keep away from these explosive ordnance.

By: Lowen Sei


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