‘We will find you’: Solomon Islands Police issue warning to criminals


Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has a simple message to criminals: “we will find you”.

Commending the National Criminal Investigations Department (NCID) and Police Response Team officers for their hard work during the recent Easter double murder in Honiara, Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said the arrests sent a strong message to offenders.

“These officers have been working very hard behind the scenes 24 hours a day over the past couple of weeks to make these arrests and it’s a very strong message from us as the Police,” he said.

“That if you commit these sorts of serious crimes here in Solomon Islands, we will find you and we’ll put you before the court.”

SIBC News understands the second suspect in the murder, who was caught early on Sunday morning in North Malaita, was due to be transported to Honiara for further interrogation.

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