Baby killer accused appears in court


The accused baby killer will appear in court again next month

A woman accused of killing her new born baby and burying it at Koma beach, West Guadalcanal, appeared at the Magistrate Court yesterday morning.

It is alleged on May 3 this year the accused and another woman buried the fully formed baby at the beach.

The daughter of the beach owner allegedly discovered the baby’s grave.

Police say the woman followed the mother’s path to the beach because she was suspicious if what she was up.

She allegedly found a red plastic bottle, full of blood, and the grave.

She went back with sister and dug the grave with a stick to find the fully formed foetus.

The two then informed their father who went out in his vehicle to search for the accused and her partner.

He met them waiting for a bus to take them back to town.

He offered them ride and took them straight to the White River Police station where he reported them to the police.

The case will appear gain before the Court early next month.

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