Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit: www.24point0.com

Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit: www.24point0.com

Individual household projects for West Makira Constituency will roll out next month.

Constituency Development Officer, Ham Mono confirms following constituent queries.

“We will roll out the household project next month and onwards; that is for individual households. The Solar program is also continuing and we have about 100 units ready to be distributed starting at Waimare. We also have solar units for schools and last year we delivered about 11 cartons of solar lanterns for Haura Community High School. This year we have already sent another 11 cartons for Sogotiwa Community High School and we also have some other solar units for clinics and churches ready for them to receive.”

Mr. Mono encourages people to consult the Constituency Development Committee for details.

“We also encourage people to continue to make use of the CDCs they have in the constituency and not coming directly to us because those are the guidelines and mechanisms we have put in place to assist the Constituency office and that’s the voice, eyes and ears of the Constituency and we also discourage people not to come over to Honiara but remain at home as we will send them their projects and as planned and advocated during our constituency tour last year.”

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