A village on Mono island. Photo credit:

A village on Mono island. Photo credit:

Villagers in Mono, Shortland Islands have reportedly attacked the police post building on the island in reaction to an arrest police officers made.

The attack happened in the early hours of Friday morning, last week.

A Michael Kalanuma told SIBC News, police officers has broken into a house and arrested a man for the recent death of an elderly man in the area.

Mr Kalanuma says people in the village reacted to the arrest by throwing stones and sticks at the Police post building.

“So what happened was that all Mono community members came out to where the police station is located, armed with stones and sticks and started stoning the building and the situation was out of police control so they fired teargas at the crowd, but the crowd was ignorant, instead saying that they are at home. This went on until police had to fire warning shots into the air.”

Meanwhile, an official complaint about the incident has been sent to the Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Michael Kalanuma told SIBC News, it is urgently important for Police authorities to deal with the situation.

“We want the Police Commissioner to assist us in the situation now. I think a helicopter has left for Naki to handle the situation because the community members are really angry following what the police did, but I think with the presence of the Police Commissioner going down to see the situation, things will be okay.”

SIBC News understands assistance was deployed to Mono over the weekend.

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