Logging in Solomon Islands. Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald.

Logging in Solomon Islands. Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald.

Resource owners in West Rennell, Rennell Bellona Province have established a new association.

Called the West Rennell Resource Owners Association, the Association wants to provide a legal entity for resource owners of the area, especially in areas of decision-making in terms of resources.

Association President, Jonathan Tohuika told SIBC News yesterday, resource owners also decided to form the association to deal with improper logging procedures.

“The reason behind this formation is that one; we are facing logging issues since 2006 up to now, so we’ve seen that proper processes and procedures have never been followed, even our laws and custom laws, so we’ve struggled so much about this. There is a court case filed from the Council of Chiefs, CLAC, High Court and even the Court of Appeal. It’s a good precedent that we’ve won the case, although the decision is yet to be given, but we are sure to get the favour. This is the same with mining issues.”

The President said the association already started operating at the end of May, but only formally registered on Wednesday.

Jonathan Tohuika adds, the Association is currently preparing to hold talks with West Rennell resource owners.

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