Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit: www.24point0.com

Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit: www.24point0.com

Makira Ulawa Provincial Premier, Thomas Weape has said having a wharf is a key project that his provincial government wants to address.

Premier Weape made the remarks in an interview with SIBC News this week.

He said whilst there have been negotiations held between his Provincial Government and National Government to construct a proper wharf at the province’s headquarter Kirakira, there are challenges.

“We have already negotiated with the National Government and in fact the Government is aware of the problem which has been expressed all along but the national government itself has also faced challenges due to the bad weather which delayed assessments by engineers who will design the Kirakira wharf. It will be a very good design and will be very expensive.”

However, Mr. Weape said his government sees the wharf as a key project for the province.

“We describe the wharf as a key project for us in Makira Ulawa Province. It is a priority, very important and necessary project.”

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