EU Youth In Action logo. Photocredit: Courtesy of EU.

EU Youth In Action logo. Photo credit: Courtesy of EU.

The World Island Shake project is currently in the country, and Program Director, Antonio Perez says he is impressed with the National Youth Congress and its partnership with the EU Youth In Action program.

WISh for short, the worldwide project is co-funded by the “Youth in Action” programme of the European Commission.

The project brings together young people of Iceland, Malta, Solomon Islands , Indonesia , Santa Lucia and the Canary Islands of Spain.

The WISh aims to answer two common problems of island youth: low youth participation and high unemployment .

The WISh Program Director told SIBC News today, youth development programs in Solomon Islands are impressive and complement EU Youth In Action programs.

Mr Perez also said he hopes to develop proper international exchange program for youths.

“Basically, I had been quite impressed with the project here, I thought I will find something much more undeveloped but what I found is that this is the Pacific so it’s just a different way of organisation and I really believe that like we could have a proper exchange between Mediteranian and Artlantic countries with Pacific countries.”

SIBC News understands Antonia Perez is currently doing job shadowing work with the Youth Art Club, Development Services Exchange and Youth Development Division of the Honiara City Council.

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