A symbol of Unionism. Photo credit: Nevada News and Views.

A symbol of Unionism. Photo credit: Nevada News and Views.

The Workers Union of Solomon Islands (WUSI) is calling for an independent investigation on issues relating to the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) Chief Executive Officer Collin Yow.

WUSI President David Tuhanuku calls on the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and Central Bank of Solomon Islands Governor Denton Rarawa to jointly initiate an investigation into the issue.

Mr. Tuhanuku says this is to investigate the millions of dollars transferred overseas to buy goods including the proposed sea plane.

Meanwhile, the WUSI President says WUSI will not be silent about the sacking of former workers and the removal of other benefits for SIPA workers while Mr. Yow continues to receive attractive bonus as SIPA’s Chief Executive Officer.

“How the Union involved in the issue is because when Mr. Yow joined the Ports Authority he introduced what he termed as reforms and among what he did was the termination of about 22 workers who are Solomon Islanders working at the Ports Authority. He also halted some of the benefits that workers used to enjoy, like overtime while at the same time I know that he paid himself SBD$4.7 million as a bonus and that is ontop of his basic salary alone.”

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