TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Zome Enterprises Ltd has called on Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) to always report factual information on any issue it raises in the media.

The call follows the recent TSI report questioning the national government’s purchase of Zome Motel for more than $13 million.

Speaking to SIBC News today,  Zome Enterprises Ltd Board of Directors Chairman Wilson Peter said the recent findings and report by TSI is absolutely inaccurate as the national government only paid $7.5 million to Zome Enterprises Ltd early last month.

Mr Peter adds this follows a successful negotiation the government had with Zome Enterprise Ltd prior to the payment.

“I would like to ask the Transparency Solomon Islands to exhaust all avenues to find information regarding this before disseminating it to the public because the actual fact is that the payment agreed upon by the government which is the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and Zome Enterprise is $7.5 million. Zome Enterprise has bid for $8 million, but when negotiations between the two parties eventuated we arrived at $7.5 million.”

SIBC News understands the payment eventuate from an earlier agreement both parties reached in 2012.

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