Mucuna beans. Photo credit:

Mucuna beans. Photo credit:

Central Islands Agriculture Extension office in Tulagi has introduced Mucuna Bean to improve soil for gardening in Gella, Central Province.

Central Islands Agriculture Extension, Field Officer Mr. Gabriel Leghaile told SIBC News, the newly introduced bean is a cover-crop that improves the soil in dry weather condition.

“The bean is just like ordinary crops that can be planted in the soil to help restore nitrogen to the soil, improving it to help our crops. It is also nitrogen rich compared to other crops previously introduced by agriculture officers in the past.”

Mr. Gabriel said his team has conducted an awareness workshop to introduce the cover crop at Ravu, Gella last week.

He said his team will dispatch another distribution of the cover-crop seeds next week.

He encouraged other communities around Central Province who already have the Mucuna Bean to plant it in their garden at this El Nino season.

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