Kilu'ufi hospital. Photo credit:

Kilu’ufi hospital. Photo credit:

A Medical team from Australia is currently carrying out surgical operations for women at the Kilu’ufi Hospital in Malaita Province.

SIBC’s Fredrick Kusu, who is touring Malaita Province reports the team will conduct operations on women patients admitted to the Hospital for complications relating to women illnesses.

A Gynaecologist from Victoria, Australia, Dr David Simon is leading the operation and told Kusu they are ready for the operations.

“The team will conduct up to four major types of operation for about 20 women who have experienced high bleeding, pain and other women-related illnesses. Asked how prepared the team is, Dr Simon said they have facilities and are well-prepared for the operations.”

The one-week visit is funded by the National Department of Health and the Australian Aid program.

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