The former Field Force officers. Photo credit: SIBC.

The former Field Force officers. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands, PNG Boarder Operation Committee has urged the caretaker government to commit to their ex gratia payment approved by cabinet.

The group’s media officer, Owen Ramoagalo says his committee will pursue this legal due until it is met by the caretaker government.

Mr Ramoagalo stressed, it is 16 years since their payment was delayed.

He says, the caretaker government must not push the problem on to the next government but put its foot down and show some genuine commitment to the long overdue payment.

“Our meeting with the Attorney General and other senior government officials has heard that the Cabinet has approved to pay our dues. What we would like is for the government to actually commit funds to pay the dues and if it is unable to do a partial payment now then any new government will never pay it up, so the government should commit to this payment so that any new government can also do the same.”

Mr Ramoagalo adds, his committee will not back down on this claim until former officers who served at the common boarder between Solomon Islands and PNG during the Bougainville crisis are compensated accordingly.

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