Shoreline in one of the villages. Photo credit: SIBC.

Shoreline in one of the villages. Photo credit: SIBC.

Development is a major need for Fauru, Mono, and Alu which make up Shortland Islands.

Mr. Ignatius Gore of Fauru told a touring team from SIBC to Shortlands, development brings positive changes to the livelihood of his people.

Mr. Gore says unless border security is improved, people of Shortlands will only watch in dismay as other parts of the country develop and prosper.

“Development cannot happen on these three islands. We need development, which is a good thing so that it can bring up our rural economy and such, but you will hardly see any of such here at the border because security is the problem. So we wouldn’t want to be in the same position as everyone wants development to earn a living to benefit everybody, from adults to children.”

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