Russell Islands. Photo: SIBC

Russell Islands. Photo: SIBC

People from three major communities on West Russells, Central Islands Province have today converged at Marulaon village to be part of an open Forum Organised by the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT).

SIBC’s Gina Maka’a reports from Marulaon village, people from Baisen, Karumulan and Maruloan came together for an open forum, to sum up, an SIDT open forum on ‘Child Centred Climate Change Adaptation, 4CA, project initiated in 2014.

West Russell 4CA project Coordinator Jamal Namo stressed the importance for partners to share each other’s experience in Climate Change resilience.

Ms Maka’a reports issues highlighted in the forum.

“Some issues discussed at the forum were sanitation, communication, evacuation centre, education and they will also be discussing better links relationship with mutual trust, understanding and attention.”

Ms Maka’a says the MP for Savo Russells Dickson Mua and the Central Islands Premier Selwyn Mapuli could not attend the forum because of work commitment.

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