SIBC North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri. Photo credit: SIBC.

SIBC North Malaita stringer John Andrew Kiri. Photo credit: SIBC.

Increases in criminal activities in North Malaita is being blamed on a rise in marijuana use among youths in the area.

SIBC’s Stringer in Mbita’ama, John Kiri reports a concerned parent, Martin Kako, says the issue is causing great concern among parents and families in the area.

“Mr Kako said youths from ages 10 and above who started smoking marijuana can be noticeable¬†by pale appearance, fears and very aggressive. They can sell household¬†items such as axe, knives, pots, buckets and items that can be sold for money. They can also roam around stealing people’s properties. This has become a main concern for Mr Kako and others here.”

John Kiri also reports parents and community leaders are asking for assistance from police officers at Malu’u to address the issue.

“The concerned fathers, mothers, parents and all community leaders in and around the area is calling on the police at Malu’u to conduct patrols to their area at least once a month to listen to their issues, especially in terms of law and order in the rural communities.”

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