People queing up to get registered for West Honiara. Photo: SIBC.

People queing up to get registered for West Honiara. Photo: SIBC.

Chief Electoral Officer, Polycarp Haununu says Alfred Sasako’s article that had cast doubt on the biometric voter registration exercise is “baseless” and “further from the truth”.

The former politician had quoted an unnamed source who alleged that β€œIT personnel working on the election have the technical know-how to block or even remove names from the database.”

Responding to the claims today, the Chief Electoral Officer said all IT personnel working on the biometric voter registration exercise do not have administrative rights to delete any record on the elections office database.

Mr Haununu also explained that said only National Managers have administrative rights to the data and that they have a high sense of responsibility and integrity.

He further explained information which are deleted can be checked and retrieved if, for example, they were deleted unintentionally for one reason or another.

He said copies of the Form B’s from which the data was entered at the voter registration centres will also be available, and these can be used for verification purposes if required.

The Chief Electoral officer said there are robust checks and balances built into the system, and he reassured the public that there should be no concerns whatsoever in the integrity of the system.

He also urged all eligible voters to take part in the process of registering to enable them to vote in the coming election.

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