Chief Electoral Officer Polycarp Haununu. Photo credit: SIBC.

Chief Electoral Officer Polycarp Haununu. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission boss Mr. Polycarp Haununu has dismissed allegations that more than 500 objections were reported for West Honiara constituency.

Responding to a story by a daily print, Mr Haununu says his office has only received 166 Objections and 18 Omissions for West Honiara Constituency.

He explains, the 166 excludes the list of names in the multiple registration lists objected by the Commission that appeared in Form E1 on the provisional voters list.

Mr Haununu says, the Omission and Objection period is the legal process in the Electoral Provision Act that clearly state the procedures on how to deal with any formal complaints regarding Voter registration fraud in terms of removing or inserting names onto the voters list.

In explaining SIEC position in the alleged voter fraud that came up in the print media against the West Honiara MP Hon. Namson Tran, Mr Haununu says, SIEC can only deal with such case if that is reported to SIEC formally.

He says these are the only formal complaints received through the legal and right procedures of dealing with such cases and the SIEC Revising and Assistant Officer will soon conduct hearing into these claims and further make decisions on each case.

Mr Haununu further elaborated, if non residency complaints such as the alleged 500 West Honiara constituency registrants are formally submitted to the Revising and Assistant Officers through the right procedure required by the law with all proof presented during the
public inquiry, a decision whether to insert or delete names from the list will be made by Revising and Assistant Revising Officers.

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