Honiara land. Photo credit:

Honiara land. Photo credit:

The Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government has announced a new system to control the rate of urbanisation in urban centres across the country.

A statement from the Government Communications Unit said a new control management system will be set up to administer government-owned lands in the country.

The new system will be implemented under the proposed National Urbanisation Policy.

The Policy intends to purchase more land from tribal owners to expand existing town boundaries, create more economic opportunities and to resettle people who are affected by sea level rise and other climate change-related factors.

Most government-owned land both in the capital and the provincial centres host administrative, physical, social and economic services.

These peri-urban centers have grown at a rate that outpaces the ability of the state to efficiently control and manage.

The roles and functions of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey will be enhanced through necessary reforms to take the lead in implementing these policy intentions.

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