World Youth Day 2014. Photo credit: Education Scotland.

World Youth Day 2014. Photo credit: Education Scotland.

Youths in the country will join hands with youths from around the world to celebrate the International Youth Day which falls annually on 12 August.

Speaking to SIBC News, Youth Development Officer for the Women, Youth and Sports Division of the Honiara City Council Mary Tuhaika says the day will be commemorated with activities in Honiara.

She says the main celebration will be held tomorrow followed by small activities throughout the week.

“The actual celebration that happens around the world falls on 12 August and we in Honiara have also decided to have it on the actual date, so that will be on Tuesday. The morning part of the program will just be an official part as usually held every year. The afternoon part of the program will include drama performances from registered youth groups under the Honiara City Council Youth Department.”

The theme for this year’s International Youth Day is “Mental Health Matters.”

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