Kamilo Teke. Photo credit: SIBC.

Kamilo Teke. Photo credit: SIBC.

Former Parliamentarian Mr. Kamilo Teke has questioned the recent findings of Solomon Islands Poverty Profile Survey.

The survey concludes more than three-quarter of people living in poverty in the country are from Malaita, Guadalcanal, and Makira Provinces.

Speaking to SIBC News, Mr. Teke says the United Nation’s definition of poverty is not applicable in Solomon Islands where there is an abundance of resources.

“At this point in time, I don’t think that the word poverty is applicable for us because we still have plenty of lands and it’s the people who should till the land and so despite having no money we still have our lands. We have land, water, the ocean as well as forests.”

Mr. Teke questions what portion of the three provinces population have been surveyed.

He rubbishes the United Nation’s definition of poverty saying rural Solomon Islanders do not earn a dollar a day but are never without food and are always happy.

Meanwhile, people of North Malaita say Solomon Islands is blessed with resources and is not in ‘poverty’ as claimed by the Solomon Islands Poverty Profile Survey.

Speaking through their stringer John Kiri, North Malaita people say though rated as least development country, Solomon Islands is wealthy in terms of its resources.

“Although we are ranked as a third world country, we have been richly blessed by God with the abundance of the necessities of life.”

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