Needles used for immunisation. Photo credit:

Needles used for immunisation. Photo credit:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services, together with the Honiara City Council’s Health Division are currently conducting one week of mass immunisation awareness program in Honiara and other parts of the country.

Confirming this to SIBC News today, Honiara City Council’s Child Health and Immunisation Coordinator Nethlyn Firibae says this is part of the 2015 World Immunisation Week.

She says the awareness program was organised to inform parents including single mothers, about the importance of immunisation to their children of below one-year-old.

Mrs. Firibae adds these are organised in various clinics, communities including the Honiara Central Market.

The theme for this year’s program is: “Vaccination is Everyone’s Job”

“This week we are celebrating the immunisation week which happens worldwide and throughout the Solomon Islands we have earmarked this week to carry out an awareness and also some provinces are also carrying out immunisation programs, and nurses will be available in clinics and communities to provide awareness to the people.”

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