Land in Honiara. Photo credit:

Land in Honiara. Photo credit:

Former MPA of Tandai Ward and an elder of Kakau Tribal group Michael Liliau has lashed out against recent claims of the Chacha Tribe, claiming Honiara land as its own.

Mr. Liliau told SIBC News recently, Chacha’s claim is a total shock to his Kakau Tribe adding, Kaukau Tribe is the true owner of Honiara land.

“The Chacha tribe’s claim of owning the Honiara land is not appropriate to us who live in Honiara”.

Mr. Liliau calls on leaders of the Chacha Tribe to solve their differences with the Kakau Tribe.

“The first thing I would like the Chacha tribal leaders to do is to come and see us the Tandai landowners to iron out their association”.

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