Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Malaita Provincial flag. Photo credit:

Deputy Premier for Malaita Province Alick Maeaba has called on the fourteen elected MPs for Malaita province to prioritise the development of Malaita province.

Mr Maeaba told SIBC News, Malaita provincial government has been left out on the development scene over the past four years.

He urges the new MP-elects to prioritise the development of the province.

“I as Deputy Premier for Malaita Province found out that during the past four years all these national MPs never really worked together but instead treat Malaita in isolation and they never work together in terms of development, and because of that the Malaita Provincial Government was left out of the development scene, so I am appealing on the 14 MPs for Malaita to treat development for Malaita as their priority.”

The Deputy Premier also calls upon the leaders to identify and complete all development projects within the province.

“For example, it’s quite difficult for the Malaita Provincial government alone to gear up developing the Bina Habour as a national project. This should be within the powers of the national government, especially the Malaitan MPs to make it happen, to treat it as a priority, identify the issues and problems surrounding it and iron them out to make it happen because it is for the benefit of the people of Malaita.”

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