At the reconciliation ceremony. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

At the reconciliation ceremony. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Tribal and Community members of the Gold Ridge Landowners have reconciled with the Executive of the Gold Ridge Mining Ltd, GRML.

Initiated by the local Chiefs of Gold Ridge, the ceremony was performed to mend broken relationship between the company and the traditional landowners and surrounding communities.

Chief and Senior Statesman, Sir Paul Tovua says, the significance of the ceremony is to mend broken relationship during the natural disaster and political decisions.

Sir Paul who was involved in the initiation of the ceremony urged the GRML management team to use the ceremony as a building block for a better future.

Speaking on behalf of the Gold ridge landowners, Mr. Dick Douglas, Chairman of the Gold Ridge Landowners Council says the event marks GRML’s re-entry into the country and into the gold ridge vicinity to recommence operations.

He acknowledges the company’s acceptance and for valuing his people’s culture and community.

Mr. Douglas also thank his two sister Associations, the Kolobisi Tailing Dam Association and the Downstream Associations for their unified support during negotiation stages with the government for St. Barbara to return to the country and recommence the gold ridge project.

The reconciliation was held last week.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Gold Ridge Mining Limited has thanked the people of Solomon Islands, particularly the people of gold ridge for the trust and confidence they placed on them.

Mr. Stean Berrie was speaking during a traditional reciprocal reconciliation ceremony between his company and traditional landowners of gold ridge in Central Guadalcanal last week.

The ceremony was arranged for both parties to mend whatever existed between each other after St. Barbara shut down the mine under the “forced majeure” clause as provided for in the mining agreement.

The GM told landowners that the seriousness of the floods caused by heavy rains included cutting off connections between Honiara and the plant site when the Tinahula Bridge was detached.

He adds, the situation then could not allow fuel to be transported up to the plant site, including food, employees and other service providers.

Mr Berrie thanked everyone for the support rendered especially surrounding communities and employees during their absence.

He reiterates, GRML will continue to work with all its stakeholders as they began implementing their stabilization plan.

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