A village on Mono island. Photo credit:

A village on Mono island. Photo credit:

An elderly mother from Shortland Islands says there is an urgent need to establish a Police post in Mono to curb the increasing violence in the area.

Martina Ului made this statement following the death of an elderly man from Mono over the weekend from a logging dispute.

Mrs Ului says violence often escalates in the isolated island and the Government should establish a police post in the area.

“As one of the elders, as a woman, I have a┬áconcern. My question is this, is there any possibility for the Government to put a police post in Mono. It is an isolated place, people in the communities themselves when they fight, the fights get worse. Previous times ┬ápeople always die in Mono when incidents like this happen. So my concern is this, why Government, can you put a police post there?”

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