Court mallet. Photo: Effiong Eton

Court mallet. Photo: Effiong Eton

A father will stand trial at the Magistrate Court next month for causing actual bodily harm and indecent assault.

The trial was set after a pre-trial conference this morning.

The Court heard the victims in the case are the wife and stepdaughter of the defendant.

He allegedly assaulted his wife on the 24th of February at their house in 2010 after drinking with friends.

He was angry with his wife because she did not look after his food on the table and a cat ate it.

Police alleged he struck her fingers with a stick. She was taken to the hospital and received medical treatment.

It was further alleged that within the month of June last year, the defendant indecently assaulted his stepdaughter, the biological daughter of his wife.

He did this on two separate occasions when she was sleeping in the room.

The defendant denied all the allegations against him.

However, Principal Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi says there is sufficient evidence for him to stand trial.

The trial is set for the second week of September.

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