A village on Mono island. Photo credit:

A village on Mono island. Photo credit:

An elderly mother from Shortland Islands says there is an urgent need to establish a Police post in Mono to curb the increasing violence in the area.

Martina Ului made this statement following the death of an elderly man from Mono over the weekend from a logging dispute.

Mrs Ului says violence often escalates in the isolated island and the Government should establish a police post in the area.

“As one of the elders, as a woman, I have a concern. My question is this, is there any possibility for the Government to put a police post in Mono. It is an isolated place, people in the communities themselves when they fight, the fights get worse. Previous times  people always die in Mono when incidents like this happen. So my concern is this, why Government, can you put a police post there?”

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