Portrait of a voting ballot. Photo credit: Radio Facts.

Portrait of a voting ballot. Photo credit: Radio Facts.

Voters in North Guadalcanal have been urged to be on time at polling stations to cast their votes.

The reminder was issued by the Constituency’s returning officer during an awareness program for the constituency.

Returning officer Max Lua told SIBC News, a high number of voters are registered at North Guadalcanal polling stations.

“Supporters and voters must be on time in the morning because the voter population in the area is quite huge so they must be on time early in the morning to cast their votes.”

The Returning Officer also said people in the Constituency are already aware of tomorrow’s event and are ensuring that they experience a peaceful and safe election tomorrow.

“I also told both the public and candidates to voice out to their supporters during their campaign not to create disturbances during the election day and so this message was well taken by the candidates and the public.”

SIBC News understands polling stations across the country will open at 7am and close at 5pm tomorrow.

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